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Established in 1984, Kaller Architecture was created as an architectural, space planning and corporate interior firm. Located in the heart of South Florida, our team of architects and designers specialize in both residential and commercial projects. 

Multifamily Residential


Kaller Architecture makes every effort to research and cater to our clients' needs by providing the most qualified personnel in the field. Our team is able to provide personalized services through open and consistent lines of communicationAlthough our design objectives are specialized per client, our architects and designers will apply their unique creativity with a refreshing and inventive appearance to each project. In turn, Kaller Architecture's ability to cater and develop our client's vision has given us the wonderful privilege to form long-term partnerships throughout South Florida. Fortunately, our firm has designed real estate development projects in Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and cities across South Florida. 

Ultimately, Kaller Architecture's most important philosophy is integrity and a quality architectural design with a detail that is best described as sensitivity to client's needs and vision.

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